Ariana Grande On British Concert Horror: ‘Broken.’

Ariana Grande, the singer whose Manchester, England, concert ended in tragedy Monday, said she is ?broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry,? adding, ?i don?t have words.?

The 23-year-old star was unharmed in an attack just outside the Manchester Arena by a suspected suicide bomber. At least 19 people were killed and 50 injured in the explosion.

Scooter Braun, the New York company that represents Grande, also said in statement: ?Our hearts are broken. Words cannot express our sorrow for the victims and families harmed in this senseless attack. We mourn the live of children and loved ones taken in this cowardly act.?

The statement also thanked Manchester?s first responders and asked the public to ?hold the victims, their families and all those affected in your hearts and prayers.?

Grande?s international Dangerous Woman Tour has been ?postponed indefinitely,? according to an event statement. Grande had been scheduled to appear next in London on Thursday in the O2 Arena.

The bomb exploded just as people were leaving the concert at 10:35 p.m. and Grande was still inside. The explosion was so powerful that the ?whole building shook,? a parent arriving to pick up her two teenage daughters told BBC Radio Manchester.

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3 Easy Hacks For Hiding That Litter Box Right Meow [VIDEO]

While we adore and would do almost anything for our favorite felines, a common frustration for cat owners is finding a way to hide an unsightly litter box. The furball?s lavatory is not the first thing you want your guests to notice when they walk into any room in your house. Well, we?ve got your litter box covered ? literally! For this video, HuffPost has partnered with Tidy Cats to create a few easy methods to hide the litter box in plain sight. From clever furniture fixes, to sneaky planters, to getting downright crafty, we outline three comely, convenient and creative ways to house your purring pals? potty. Best of all, these designs can be easily adapted to create a model that aligns with your taste and aesthetic. Just grab your glue gun and get creative so that your precious puss can get down to business in style. 

If you are the type of cat owner who, not only insists on hiding the litter box in an attractive way, but who also makes kitty-cat?s commode from scratch, you are clearly a cat owner who cares! So, why not fill the distinctive feline facility with amazing litter? New Tidy Cats LightWeight with Glade Tough Odor Solutions Clean Blossoms keeps your home, and pussycat?s privy, at its very best. Now that?s the power of pleasant.

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‘Alien: Covenant’ Just Barely Beats ‘Guardians’ At The Weekend Box Office

LOS ANGELES ( – As this weekend approached, the question lingered if ?Alien: Covenant? would be able to unseat ?Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? from the top spot at the domestic box office.

Now, we have an answer. As of Sunday morning, ?Covenant,? from 20th Century Fox and Scott Free Productions, looks to be the winner with a three-day estimate of $36 million (27.6 million pounds) from 3,761 locations. That?s just above Disney?s ?Guardians? sequel which is raking in an additional $35.3 million from 4,347 spots. The super sequel is seeing only a 46% drop from last weekend, and its total domestic earnings now exceed $300 million.

While ?Alien? may have won, the film?s price tag in the $100 million range and marketing costs detract from the victory. The sixth installment in the Alien franchise (not counting the two Alien vs. Predator films) was directed by Ridley Scott and stars Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, and Danny McBride. It holds a 73% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is in line with 2012?s ?Prometheus.? Although it came in already having made $42 million overseas and $36 million was enough to land in the top slot, ?Alien? grossed less during its first weekend in the U.S. than ?Prometheus? did in 2012 ($51 million). Its final domestic earnings also came in below earlier projections, which pegged the horror flick at least $40 million.

Fox?s president of domestic distribution Chris Aronson chalked the lower totals compared with ?Prometheus? to the ?normal course of business.? He added that ?Alien: Covenant? gives fans of the franchise since the 1979 original the chance to share with the younger generation (60% of the opening weekend audience was in the 18-34 demo). ?Teenagers likely haven?t seen ?Alien,?? he said, ?This movie creates a generational bond.?

While the ?Alien? franchise is still able to generate decent interest, the same cannot be said for Fox?s other release this weekend, ?Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.? The fourth live-action movie based on Jeff Kinney?s middle school-centric book series opened to $7.2 million from 3,157 locations. David Bowers, who directed movies two and three, returned to the helm nearly five years after the last iteration, and anointed a new titular wimp in Jason Drucker.

The only other major release of the weekend was ?Everything, Everything,? from Warner Bros. and MGM. The sick-lit adaptation will earn $12 million by the end of the weekend from 2,801 locations. That?s enough to land in the top three. ?Hunger Games? standout Amandla Stenberg stars as a girl with an autoimmune disease that keeps her locked up indoors. Nick Robinson plays her love interest named Olly. ?Everything, Everything? earned the highest CinemaScore of the new released (an A- overall). 82% of its audience was female, and 74% were under 25 years old.

?Along with our partners, MGM, we?re thrilled that we hit our key demo,? commented Jeff Goldstein, domestic distribution chief at Warner Bros.

Amy Schumer?s ?Snatched,? also from Fox, will see an additional $7.6 million in earnings from 3,511 theaters, putting it in the fourth slot, ahead of ?Wimpy Kid.? Also in its second weekend, ?King Arthur: Legend of the Sword? continues to flop miserably with a weekend total of less than $7 million.

With Memorial Day weekend on the horizon, the overall domestic summer box office is ten percentage points lower than it was at this time last year. That means all eyes are fixed on a duo of splashy summer releases ? Disney?s ?Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales? and Paramount?s ?Baywatch? ? to hopefully make up some ground.

?The dominance at this point by Disney and Marvel?s early summer entry ?Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? is impressive having earned more than all the other films combined,? said Paul Degarabedian, senior media analyst at ComScore, who noted that ?Captain America: Civil War? accounted for more than half of the summer take at this point last year. ?However, a slow start does not portend a slow overall summer as many have predicted,? he added, ?though if the ebb and flow of this season?s fortunes thus far is any indication we may have to buckle up for a pretty bumpy ride.?

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Boy Asks Governor For Forgiveness After Taking A Pen And Nut From Capitol

An act that could be seen as the smallest of thefts has led to a big-hearted apology from a child in Oregon.

A fourth-grader named Samuel recently wrote to Oregon?s governor, apologizing to her ?and the people? for swiping a pen and a single hazelnut from the state Capitol last month.

In the handwritten letter Gov. Kate Brown (D) shared on Thursday, Samuel says he took some things while touring the Capitol on April 19.

“It was wrong for me to take them. I?m very sorry,? he wrote. ?I hope you and the people of Oregon can forgive me.?

He enclosed the pen and a dollar bill, which he said could be used ?to replace the hazelnut.?

In her response to the boy, Brown declared that all is forgiven ? and even encouraged him to ?come back soon!? She also said she was sending him another pen, and that she hoped it would ?be an adequate memento of your visit to at the Capitol.?

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Jeb Bush Delivers Huge ‘Told You So’ About ‘Chaos President’ Donald Trump

Jeb Bush just reminded everyone that he knew the score.

On Friday, the former GOP presidential candidate publicly recalled his earlier warning to voters over a possible Donald Trump presidency.

?When I ran for office, I said he is a chaos candidate and would be a chaos president,? Bush told the annual SALT hedge fund conference in Las Vegas, reports CNN. ?Unfortunately, so far chaos organizes the presidency right now.?

Bush made his initial ?chaos? comment during a Republican primary debate in December 2015, in which he also said Trump was ?great at one-liners.?

In Vegas, the former Florida Gov. also suggested that Trump?s administration was ?living in the tyranny of the moment? rather than pursuing and carrying out a fixed and clear agenda, reports the network.

And Bush urged Trump to stop tweeting, claiming that the president?s posts may give America?s adversaries critical insider knowledge of the administration.

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16 Utterly Insulting Things Wedding Guests Have Said To The Bride

On an occasion as momentous as the wedding day, the last thing the newlyweds need is to receive rude, hurtful and otherwise unnecessary comments from their guests.

But that didn?t stop some family and friends from speaking their minds anyway. Below, 16 insulting remarks brides heard from their guests on the big day via the secret-sharing app Whisper

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