Boy Comes Home From School And Finds Dad Has Been Deported

Joel Massie came home from school last week only to realize something was different. His father was no longer around.

Arino Massie, of Metuchen, New Jersey, was deported back to his native country of Indonesia, a place he fled 16 years ago because of religious persecution.

Now Joel is going to grow up without a father in the U.S., where he was born. He still finds it hard to accept this.

?He?s been with me for 13 years, because I was born with him, of course. And for those 13 years, he?s been kind, happy and loving,? Joel told WPIX TV. ?It?s been sad, stressing. We?ve been fighting for the past week and a half to stay.?

Arino Massie is a Chinese Christian who lived in Indonesia, but missed a deadline to apply for asylum shortly after his arrival in the U.S.

After he overstayed his tourist visa, Massie was ordered to leave the country in 2006. However, the Reformed Church of Highland Park struck a deal with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to allow him three other Indonesian-born Christians stays of removal if they checked in with ICE every year. 

But this year ICE took the men into custody, and on May 18 an immigration judge ordered that Massie and the others be deported, according to 

A spokesperson for ICE released this statement:

Arino Massie, who was a visa overstay, was ordered removed on July 17, 2006 by an immigration judge with the Department of Justice?s Executive Office of Immigration Review. After exhausting all legal remedies, on May 18, 2017, ICE Enforcement and Removal Officers removed Arino Massie to Indonesia.

Frederick Rattu, a friend of Massie?s who came to the U.S. from Indonesia in 1994 with a tourist visa and became a legal resident a few years later, worries about what might happen to Massie when he to Indonesia.

?Can you imagine someone applying for asylum and then going back to Indonesia? How are they going to treat him,? Rattu told USA Today.

The newspaper notes that Massie is one of 41,000 suspected undocumented immigrants who were arrested during President Donald Trump?s first 100 days. That?s a 40 percent increase from the same period last year.

The Trump administration has broadened the scope of those subject to deportation to include people such as Massie, who don?t have criminal records.

That?s a misuse of resources, according to Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale, of the Reformed Church of Highland Park.

?There?s no reason to send him away right now; he?s absolutely not a criminal. These are family people who happen to have final deportation orders,? Kaper-Dale told the Associated Press. ?Our folks got caught up in that new dragnet.?

An immigration attorney is arguing to legal authorities that Massie needs to come back to America to be with his son, Joel.

He may have a harder time explaining what?s happening to Joel.

?What I don?t understand is why he?s being deported,? Joel told ?He?s been cooperative. He hasn?t done anything against the law. He has a clear record.? 

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Remember When Republicans Wanted To Punish Officials For ‘Carelessness’ With Intel?

WASHINGTON ? Last summer, in an effort to hurt Hillary Clinton?s presidential candidacy, Senate Republicans introduced a bill to strip security clearance from ?any officer or employee of the federal government who has exercised extreme carelessness with classified information.?

The bill was never going anywhere. It was a political jab at Clinton, who was mired in drama over her use of a private email server for official communications when she was secretary of state. Republicans unveiled the bill one day after then-FBI Director James Comey concluded that Clinton had committed no criminal wrongdoing, though he said she and her team were ?extremely careless? with sensitive information.

The legislation expired last year, and it?s largely forgotten now. But in light of President Donald Trump?s reported revelation of highly classified intelligence to Russian officials in the Oval Office this month, which potentially jeopardized critical intelligence sources embedded with ISIS, HuffPost tracked down co-sponsors of the bill to see if they think their ?carelessness? standard should apply to Trump.

Unsurprisingly, they did not.

?The president?s ability to communicate whatever he wants to, without it being a breach of the law, is very clear,? said Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.). ?An employee has a very different function.?

Asked if he considers it ?extremely careless? that Trump leaked classified intelligence to Russian officials,? Scott dryly repeated, ?I don?t think the president broke the law.?

?Call Alex in my office,? said Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), the bill?s author.

Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) said the bill applies to all federal employees except the president. Rounds said he still trusts Trump with classified information, but conceded that Trump?s missteps on this front could be diminishing his political capital.

?It never helps,? he said. ?It never helps.?

Some senators were less amused by this story than others. Sen. Jim Risch (R-Idaho) said the bill only applies to people who carelessly handle information, not someone ?who has the right and intentionally discloses? such information.

Getting a bit testy, Risch said he has no opinion on whether it was careless for Trump to share classified intelligence with Russian officials because he wasn?t part of that conversation.

?I?ve heard speculation. I?ve heard them say, ?Oh, it could have endangered someone, oh, it could have done?,? I don?t know what the conversation was,? said Risch. ?His job is to coordinate with other countries, just as the intelligence community is, to share information about mutual threats.?

Sens. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) and Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) both emphasized that Trump has only been accused of revealing classified information to the Russians, and that people should wait until investigations into the matter are finished before drawing conclusions. There are currently House, Senate and Justice Department probes into whether Trump and his team had ties to Russians who interfered in last year?s election to help Trump win.

?Let?s wait on the special counsel and the two intelligence committees, and then they?ll figure all that out,? Roberts said.

Asked if he sees irony in Republicans? backing of legislation to go after Clinton for carelessness while backing off when it comes to Trump, Roberts replied, ?There?s irony in every corner and closet in Washington.?

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Ariana Grande On British Concert Horror: ‘Broken.’

Ariana Grande, the singer whose Manchester, England, concert ended in tragedy Monday, said she is ?broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry,? adding, ?i don?t have words.?

The 23-year-old star was unharmed in an attack just outside the Manchester Arena by a suspected suicide bomber. At least 19 people were killed and 50 injured in the explosion.

Scooter Braun, the New York company that represents Grande, also said in statement: ?Our hearts are broken. Words cannot express our sorrow for the victims and families harmed in this senseless attack. We mourn the live of children and loved ones taken in this cowardly act.?

The statement also thanked Manchester?s first responders and asked the public to ?hold the victims, their families and all those affected in your hearts and prayers.?

Grande?s international Dangerous Woman Tour has been ?postponed indefinitely,? according to an event statement. Grande had been scheduled to appear next in London on Thursday in the O2 Arena.

The bomb exploded just as people were leaving the concert at 10:35 p.m. and Grande was still inside. The explosion was so powerful that the ?whole building shook,? a parent arriving to pick up her two teenage daughters told BBC Radio Manchester.

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